Selenium Grid enables simultaneous execution of tests on multiple browsers and browser versions. Selenium Grid is a key enabler for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.


Selenium Box is an in-house Enterprise Selenium Grid, designed for organizations that require a highly scalable, maintenance free and secure Selenium Grid solution. With Selenium Box your teams can focus on the core competencies of your organization instead of building and maintaining test infrastructure.


Traditionally, companies either need to build their own Selenium Grid or use a Selenium Grid in the cloud. Both approaches have implications and limitations. Building and maintaining a stable, scalable and up-to-date Selenium Grid is complex and requires significant resources. Using a Selenium Grid in the cloud has implications on security, scalability and flexibility. 

Selenium Box is a managed Enterprise Selenium Grid that runs securely in-house, while allowing for unlimited use and full scalability (i.e. for parallel / concurrent test runs) with an always up-to-date set of browsers, drivers and Selenium version. 

Selenium box feature highlights

  • Support for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Edge, OSX Safari
  • Superior performance and reliability 
  • Security and data privacy due to hosting in your environment, no data leaves your network
  • Video reporting
  • Advanced system monitoring options
  • Live view / live debugging capability for each test 
  • Isolated environment for each test
  • Simple integration with CI systems
  • Maintenance free, fully automated browser updates of Grid hub, nodes and browsers
  • Standard and unmodified Selenium / Webdriver API 


Automatic updates for new Browser, Driver and Selenium releases 

Advanced Reporting and monitoring capabilIties


remote debugging 

Video recording capability for each test

Clean api for easy integration with surrounding systems 

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